Montana Mud Shirts

The ground of Montana holds great stories, and so do our Montana Mud Shirts. Colored only with genuine dirt, designed by local artists, and screen printed, our shirts represent the best of “Made in Montana.”

The hand-crafted effort begins when we hand-dig clay from the mountains. In our Missoula, Montana, shop, the clay is mixed with water to create a rich terra-cotta colored mud, which we work into 100% cotton shirts. The clay’s iron oxide works as a 100% natural dye, giving each shirt its own unique color. No chemicals. No artificial additives. We commission local, independent artists to create our designs, which we screen print by hand onto each shirt. Then, we cure the color by heating each shirt. That’s our process—simple, quality, with the Montana touch.

Caring for your shirt: For the first wash, we suggest washing separately in cold water. After that, just treat it as though it’s your favorite shirt (cause it probably is your favorite by now). Your Montana Mud Shirt will soften over time and, like a great pair of jeans, it’ll fade slightly with time.

Our Products

Hand-made in Montana, with dirt-of-the-earth personality. We sell both wholesale and retail.

Where to buy:

Online: Our Products Page links to our Etsy store—one of the best online marketplaces for small folks like us to sell hand-made goods. (Etsy handles the web logistics; we handle the shipping.) We like this platform because it’s safe, reliable, secure, and it keeps our prices down. You’ll need to setup an Etsy account to make a purchase.

Phone: 406-880-1167 Call our shop for direct phone sales. Wholesale customers: please call or email for a price sheet and catalog.

In person: While our Missoula shop is more for production, you’re welcome to stop by, take a look at our shirts, and buy here. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for Montana Mud Shirts at the Missoula market on Saturdays in summer.