About Us

Montana Mud Shirts owner Steve Salmi got his start working at a t-shirt shop in Vail, Colorado, in the early 90s. To be clear: He moved there for the skiing, not the shirt business. However, it turned out that Steve loves screen printing. So when he moved to Missoula, Montana, in 2006, it seemed natural to acquire Montana Mud Shirts, which got its start in a Missoula garage in 2003.

Montana Mud Shirts is a small, local company that provides personal service, a creative product, and we like to think that we share a small piece of the state’s beautiful-but-gritty personality with each shirt we sell.

Today, Montana Mud Shirts has a shop in the heart of Missoula, where Steve hand-screens each shirt to fill wholesale and online orders and as well as inventory for farmers’ markets in Missoula and Helena. When Steve isn’t digging up clay, dreaming up a new t-shirt slogan, or stirring up mud, you might spot him shredding the ski hill in the winter or paddle-boarding down the river in the summer.

Steve still loves every part of the t-shirt making process, from implementing new designs in his darkroom to the smell of mud curing. He hopes you enjoy the final product.